Blackbeards Grill and Grog Restaurant, Beaufort NC

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1644 Live Oak Street

Beaufort, NC


Hours Menu Served

Tuesday - Sat 12pm - 10pm

-Dine in take out-

free shuttle

free delivery


See what people are saying...

"I had the marinated scallop sandwich for lunch today-IT WAS THE BOMB!! I will drop by whenever I am in Beaufort.YUM YUM"

-Debra, Morehead City

"Thanks for a wonderful lunch. The grouper sandwich was great & thanks for letting me try the jalapeno cornbread & the crab/corn chowder they both were delicious! I'll definitely be back soon!"

-Sarah, Gloucester

"I must say I've have ate there 3 times last week and loved everything it was a fun time thanks, keep it up!"

-Joseph, Beaufort

"Thanks for a great lunch .... it was a good time for mothers day !!!"

-Shirley, Otway

"Dinner last night was great. Very good food, for a very good price. The Musket Burger and Shimp/Crab Dip were amazing. Keep up the good work!"

-Jordan, Greenville North Carolina

"The food there is great and the people there are so nice. That prime rib is off the chain if u haven't had it mmmm better get one soon!!!!"

-Risa, Beaufort

"Just left there, soooo good, very good service I cant wait to go back!!!"

-Tammy, Bettie

"First time I've been (out) in 10 years was Friday afternoon. Had a great time talking to Jamie, she is such a nice person. Ill be back when I can and I told eveyone I know to come see you all. Thanks"


Grill & Grog